CanSurvive Groups

CanSurvive Monthly Cancer Support Groups

The support group is a caring and confidential environment in which patients can share their experiences and concerns and obtain support and useful information from others who have been through similar experiences.

Meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month at Hazeldene Hall, Parktown, Johannesburg and on the first Saturday of each month at Netcare, Pinehaven. Meetings usually consist of a talk or presentation by an invited speaker, followed by a general share and care session. For example, at future meetings they may include:

  • Dietician, experienced in helping cancer patients
  • Occupational therapist, discussing daily living
  • Oncologist
  • Interventional radiologist
  • Drumming
  • Legal aspects of the PMBs and dealing with
    medical aids
  • Mindfulness
  • Laughter therapist
  • Physiotherapist